Results-Driven Software Development


B3 Software Engineering provides full-service website development to businesses. The secret to our success is outlined in our three core principles of digital strategy, website development and client support and maintenance.

Digital Strategy

We develop a cohesive digital strategy tailored towards helping you achieve your business goals.

Website Development

We’ll work with you to solve all of your website needs. Whether you are looking for a site refresh, complete overhaul or just ongoing maintenance, B3 Software Engineering will provide the right solution for you.

Client Support & Maintenance

Our team offers unparalleled client support. We are with you every step of the way from start to finish through constant communication, thorough QA and website maintenance.


Frameworks and systems

Windows and *nix based operating systems.

Custom web solutions in Python and Django / flask.

Custom web solutions in C#, ASP.NET, WCF.

SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, postgresql etc.), AWS, other data storage solutions.

Frontend technologies - javascript, js frameworks (Jquery, node.js etc.). Bootstrap.


CMS systems - wordpress, shopify, squarespace.

3rd party integrations - salesforce, AWS, social media integration with Instagram, twitter etc.

Frontend technologies - javascript, js frameworks (Jquery, node.js etc.). Bootstrap.

Other services

Comprehensive SEO, marketing and social media management in partnership with Allie Fisher Marketing.

Systems support and monitoring.

b3-software engineering strategy


You have your vision and we help you execute it. We collaborate with you to create a comprehensive blueprint that aligns with your business goals. Each strategic session includes a custom plan for website development, optimization and a digital marketing roadmap. B3 Software Engineering is your true partner that can deliver the results you need. Learn how we can help today.

b3-software client support and maintenance


What happens after the initial release of your software system? Do you have an existing solution, custom or off the shelf that you need managed or extended? We monitor systems, extend or refactor and manage websites, services and other applications in a mix of languages and platforms.


Websites are crucial for small businesses. They allow a business to be 'open' 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They provide important information to customers and potential customers, act as a portal of communication between provider and customer, receive all important data amongst many many things. However, in the real world, and with real world service and product based businesses, small businesses don't usually have time to worry about websites.

A good solution is to create a CMS based site, in wordpress, squarespace, shopify or the like. Many times however, the person contracted to maintain the CMS based site is no longer available to manage the site. This makes it hard for small businesses to ... (read more)

Have you ever had a change or update made to your website or software application, only to be told later that modifying it or removing it would take far more time and effort than anyone would reasonably expect? We strive to create websites and applications that are responsive to real world moving targets.

Changes and extensions to software should be modular and not affect other parts of the system adversely. With extra time taken during the planning stage and an eye kept on building quality software, requests and requirements can be handled adroitly and gracefully ... (read more)